Read events from your Google Calendars and put it on console or sends to GMail. Allow configuration of different ‘look forward’ time for different calendars.


Please use ruby gems.


Configuration is stored in XML file at: $HOME/.gcalendar.xml.

Sample configuration file

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <username>username@gmail.com</username> <!-- Google Account username -->
                <password>y0uRpAsSw04d</password>     <!-- Google Account password -->
                <days>0</days>        <!-- How many days in the future to read -->
                <email_to>my@email.address</email_to> <!--Optional. Email address to send notifications. Default: username.-->
                <email_to>my_friend@email.address</email_to> <!--Optional. There can be many email addresses.-->
                <email_subject>MySubject</email_subject> <!--Optional. Default: "Google Calendar Events".-->
                <banner>Upcoming events</banner> <!--Optional. Displayed before events. Default: "-=Events on Google Calendar=-". -->
                <calendars> <!--Optional. By default read all calendars for days specified in this XML. -->
                        <title forward="7">Realy important calendar</title>
                        <title forward="3">Birdthday</title>
                        <title forward="false" regexp="true">^Not really that important</title>


When configured properly just run ‘gcalevents’ and after some time events will show off. Try ‘gcalevents -h’ for options.


Roman ‘MrStone’ Kamyk (rkj@go2.pl), Student of Poznan University Of Technology, Computing Science Institute.